I am currently working on a series of images in both oil and encaustic that relate to my response, as artist, to the world around me.  My works are based on the ideas, expressed throughout the visual arts, of beauty and order, ambiguity and precision, connection and isolation through the manipulation and repetition of simple geometric forms.  As a painter I am most interested in color and the power of color.  My “Abstraction I and  II Series” are based on the use of simple geometric colored shapes -- mainly squares, rectangles, triangles, etc -- placed in non-illusionistic space, i.e., the actual picture plane.  The elimination of illusionistic content in this series frees me, as artist, to explore the essential qualities necessary to achieve a compelling work of art.  My most recent "Color-aid Series" makes reference to the behavoir of light falling on simple paper cutouts.

Originally trained as a sculptor I think of my paintings as objects. When I paint I am interested in the tactile nature of paint.  I love the smell of wax melting and enjoy the studio ritual of preparing the various oil and wax mediums.  Currently I am exploring the use of encaustics to integrate layered images and paint structures thus placing further emphasis on the physical nature of each piece.  My work often makes use of irregular-shaped supports and metal leafing to better focus on this idea of object.  Size is an important factor in my work.  In the smaller works I try to convey a feeling of intimacy and mystery, much like an icon.  The process of painting on a large scale involves me physically.   My paintings are often comprised of component parts -- diptychs, triptychs and multiple canvases -- to better convey the notion of the physical nature of the painting itself.